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Contact Information

To schedule a session with Camina Intuitive Consultants



       Include "Reading" in the subject line


       Text: 970-596-8291

       Include "Reading" in the text


We will respond to your request and schedule your appointment.

Classes on Tarot, Aura, and Dreams, are available. Classes are available for groups of 4 or more. Tarot and Dream classes can be done remotely. Aura classes must be face-to-face. Inquire through the contact information.

Payment Information

Payments can be made through PayPal or Venmo. Both payment methods are assigned to


After scheduling an appointment, you can choose to receive an invoice via PayPal to your email address. The invoice is not payable until the session has occurred. 


             Tarot 10 Card Reading = $120.00

             Tarot 5 Card Reading   = $70.00

             Dream, Aura, & Consultations are $2/minute


Information Regarding Camina Intuitive Consultants

Camina Intuitive Consultants (CIC) came together in the 1990s when a group of people, who are considered "sensitives" or "psychics", began providing services for various psychic fairs or gatherings on the Western Slope of Colorado. It incorporated under the larger umbrella of Camina Consultants, LLC, in 2019. CIC's founder, Lisa Thomason, began seeing light and colors around people and things in 1969 and started reading the Tarot in 1973. She began working with dreams in the early 1970s and has continued that path, at times collaborating with her sister, a therapist who attended the Jungian Institute in Zurich. Lisa enhanced her Tarot reading skills through the incorporation of the Qabalistic approach to Tarot, beginning in 1987. Through the decades, Lisa has honed her skills using various intuitive practices and tools. She engages in Native American rituals as her means of grounding her spiritual practices and as her core belief system, as well as accessing other means of spiritual awareness, such as The Course In Miracles, the Science of Mind, Tibetan Buddhist teachings, Hindu teachings, and the teachings of the mystics throughout the ages. Her approach to intuitive readings of any kind draws on the connectivity of all-that-is and the ability to access that connection.

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