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Tarot Card Readings

Interpretation of the Tarot
Camina Intuitive Consultants uses Qabalistic and Jungian approaches for interpretation of the Tarot, combined with the intuitive expertise of the reader. Readings are not fortune-telling. They offer clarification, insight, and guidance for the person seeking information.
The founder of Camina Intuitive Consultants, Lisa Thomason, has been providing clarification and insight for clients for over 40 years.  Her sensitive connection with energies surrounding the client affords her access to information that is beneficial and transformational for each person seeking guidance.


We are living in unprecedented times. Things are changing every day, sometimes several times a day.

The environment around us, be it physical, political, health-related, economic, relationship, or job-related, feels like it is in constant flux.

These unparalleled times can make us feel like we have no firm foundation, as if the sand is shifting under our feet, and we can't find solid ground. 

The Tower.jpg

Two types of readings are offered.

A 10 card reading offers comprehensive information that clarifies the situation and offers guidance on how to move forward. 

A 5 card reading is useful for clients who are in search of insight regarding a particular situation or transition they are experiencing. 

Go to the Contact Page to schedule a reading, or to explore class opportunities on how to read the Tarot, see Aura, or interpret Dreams.



Even when we feel we are being thrown from the Tower as it is being struck by lightning, there is an intelligent power that is driving the changes that are occurring. The little yellow symbols floating in the air of The Tower card are the Hebrew letter, Yod. Yod is the first letter of the name of God as given to Moses on Mount Sinai: Yod Heh Vav Heh = the unpronounceable name of  God, sometimes interpreted as "I AM WHO AM". 

As human beings, we find it difficult to change. Change is uncomfortable, unknown, unsettling. When we refuse to make the changes in our life that the soul is calling for, then the universe (God, the Force, Spirit, your Higher Self, or whatever you want to call it) steps in to facilitate circumstances that make change inevitable. 


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