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Intuitive Consulting

In addition to Tarot Card Readings, Camina Intuitive Consultants offers sessions for

        Aura Readings and Clearings, Dream Interpretation, and Spiritual Guidance. 

Dream Interpretation

Have you ever awakened and thought, "Wow! That was a strange dream! I wonder what it means." Now you can find out.


Dreams are the essence of thoughts transformed into symbols of the psyche to assist us in understanding our inner selves. Dreams are individual; the dreamer holds the key to each dream. Although many symbols are archetypal and universal, the dreamer has a store of personal symbols that have meaning particular to the individual's own history, their own story. 


There are several different types of dreams that can be interpreted on different levels: emotional, physical, and spiritual. Some examples of different types of dreams are: Pre-cognitive Dreams; Astral Dreams; Past Life Dreams; Message Dreams; Spirit Dreams (including Solution Dreams); and Garbage Dreams.


Unraveling dreams for understanding can reveal a wealth of information that holds the key to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Through the interpretation of personal and universal symbols that manifest in dreams, together we can unlock the rich guidance that your dreams are bringing to you. 

Aura Readings and Clearings

The dictionary defines aura as "the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place". Aura is the electromagnetic field that emanates from living beings and from objects we have been taught to consider as non-living. 


The human aura has several levels that radiate from the body in extending fields. Each field is associated with an aspect of our nature: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Blockages become apparent in the aura when a person is experiencing adverse conditions in their life, in any of those aspects. 

Aura readings can tell you where you are experiencing the blockage(s) and clearings will help clear the energy for forward movement. 

Spiritual Guidance

Camina Intuitive Consultants offers one-on-one sessions to assist you in clarifying an event, a transition, or a situation that is occurring in your life, by accessing insight and information provided by your Higher Self and helping agents., such as your Spirit Guides and others intent on your well-being.

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